You Have Never Heard of These Things about Delhi

Delhi is one of the most-visited places in the world. With so many people coming in and going out of India, Delhi is the prime location with modern amenities. While looking for Pune to Delhi flights cheapest rates, people often imagine Delhi to be extremely packed up with people and over-polluted. However, even though this is true up to a great extent, Delhi is not that bad. In fact, there are many things in Delhi that are quite famous and are a part of the rich legacy of our country.

  • Delhi is Combating Pollution with CNG: It is proven that Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) produces comparatively fewer pollutants than diesel and petrol. This is why Delhi has switched to the use of CNG throughout the national capital territory. Whether you believe it or not, every public transport system in Delhi runs using CNG at present so that the level of air pollution can be stopped from going higher. Moreover, the people in Delhi also prefer the use of mass transport, that is, public transport and carpools, instead of private transport. This is also helping in reducing the incessant air pollution affecting the city of Delhi at present.
  • Delhi is One of the Greenest Cities in the World: How would you imagine Delhi when you hear the name of the city? You will surely think of the polluted air and people walking down the pavement wearing masks. You will think of the heavy traffic jam making people get late to work every day. You will think of the high rise buildings and busy streets. However, did you know that Delhi is one of the greenest cities in the world? If you are surprised, you should be informed that Delhi has many green plants and trees that cover 20% of the land area. This is a very good statistic and, thus, Delhi should not be imagined as a city devoid of greenery.
  • Delhi Still Shows Off its 5 Gateways: There was a time when Delhi was protected from all sides with the help of 14 enormous and highly decorated gates. These 14 gates had rescued Delhi from the attack of the foreigners for centuries. Even though most of these gates have left behind minute traces, five of them still stand strong and good as new. These 5 gates are named as per the region that they are facing. The Ajmeri Gate faces Ajmer in Rajasthan, the Lahori Gate faces Lahore in Pakistan, and the Kashmiri Gate pointing to the North, that is, Kashmir. The two other prominent gates are the Delhi Gate which used to open up to the cities that were a part of the territory of Delhi in the past and the Turkman Gate that was named to honour the religious saint, Hazrat Shah Turkman. Thus, Delhi is still moulded in its ancient grandeur even in the modern times.
  • Delhi’s Population is the Second Highest in the World: When people are told about Delhi, it is true that they imagine thousands of people walking down the busy roads or driving down in their vehicles every day. There are indeed a lot of people in Delhi that have made this city the second most populous city in the world after Tokyo in Japan. With a present population of 25 million, no wonder Delhi’s construction business is on the profit run. After all, these people have to dwell in high rises in the city because of the growing population.

Thus, now that you got to know some of the secrets that Delhi had been hiding from you, why don’t you visit Delhi and experience the scenario for yourself? All you have to do is to check the Pune to Delhi flights cheapest rates and book yourself a seat. You will surely enjoy your trip to Delhi a lot.