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Factors to Consider In Flea Prevention

There are many available brands of flea medicine available in the market. Animal and human population when faced with flea infestation can use flea medicine. When fleas are killed by the medication there will be no more flea bites. Treatment of pets and the environment they live in can reduce flea infestation. Adult fleas are found on animal bodies. Pets tend to spend time on carpets, beddings and on furniture edges where the flea eggs, larvae and pupae are commonly found.

If you pet has fleas that is a sure sign there is egg and larvae in your home. Fleas can be controlled by treatment of pets as well as your environment. Vacuuming thoroughly your house especially under furniture edges and below the drapes can reduce up to 50% eggs of fleas. Vacuuming of high traffic areas should be done on a daily basis. Read on to see what you should consider when selecting flea medicine.

Age, species and health condition of your pet are key when choosing flea medicine. Topical medication is mostly used on the neck and shoulder blades of the pet to kill fleas. There are also other products that have repellant qualities that add a layer of protection to keep off fleas. Wash your pet regularly with mild shampoo that is sensitive to the skin of your pet. It is advisable to allow the shampoo to sit in for a few minutes before rinsing the pet.

Pets can be given oral medication which causes death of fleas. You must be careful as many pets spit out the medicine. Stomach upset in pets is a side effect of oral medicine. Oral medication prevents heartworm illnesses in cats and dogs. Collars are becoming popular as they have chemical that kills fleas. Collars are cost effective but you should choose one that has a mild smell to avoid irritation of the pet.

Additionally, pets can be sprayed regularly. In order for the spray to work, the pet must be dry. Pets should not be sprayed on the eyes and mouth. Powders can also be dusted on the body and rubbed well into the fur. Dip is a concentrated liquid that is diluted with water and then applied to the pet and left to dry. Application of dip is mostly done by professionals as it needs proper caution. When applying any of the mentioned products, it is important to protect your skin and eyes.

Wash your hands with soap and water. If you use all available medical products and still see no change, it is important to see a veterinarian for advice. You can also view different sites where you can get different pet products from different manufactures. Read customer reviews and check the ratings to get to know which products are the best for treating fleas.

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