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Choosing the Right Type of NFL Jersey

NFL jerseys are far from cheap, but they can also affordable if you know how to do some research. Pick a reputable store so you don’t have to be disappointed with the quality you get. Of course, everything begins with defining what you want, and given the large variety out there, it’s wise to know different types of jerseys sold in NFL stores today.

NFL Game Jerseys

NFL Game Jerseys are the counterpart to the Replica Jerseys we knew in the past. They’re the cheapest these days, selling for some $100. They’re as lightweight, comfortable and durable as any football aficionado would like.

NFL Elite Jerseys

If you’ve been a jersey fan for a while, you’re surely familiar with the Elite label. It’s the priciest but also the best NFL jersey you’ll find. Expect a price of $250 – $300, unless you’re shopping with a coupon or discount.

NFL Limited Jerseys

NFL Limited jerseys are the new NFL Premier jerseys, and they have the best value in terms of having an authentic look.

Marked Down NFL Jerseys

If you really want to save money, buy a jersey of a player who has recently retired or been traded away. This could mean a price tag of between $20 and $60.

Youth NFL Jerseys

Because kids grow up very fast and their jerseys are made of cheaper material, youth NFL jerseys are also quite a bit cheaper. You probably won’t be able to buy personalized NFL jerseys, but you definitely can get youth NFL jerseys that that suit your budget perfectly.

Replica NFL Jerseys

Because you can’t get Authentic NFL jerseys cheap, your alternative may be Replica NFL jerseys. You can buy one at $80 to $90, and you can usually pick from three to five of the best players from your favorite team.

NFL Premier Jerseys

For the best value, get an NFL Premiere jersey. While personalized football jerseys are not part of the NFL Premiere jersey collection, you will be able to save more than $100 compared to buying an Authentic NFL jersey.

Authentic NFL Jerseys

If you want Authentic customized NFL jerseys with your name and chosen number, or with the name and number of your favorite NFL player, that is possible albeit for a higher price.

NFL Throwback Jersey

You can get NFL Throwback jerseys for the legends like Joe Montana, Walter Payton and a lot more. These jerseys usually cost anywhere between $150 to $200, and if you want yours signed, the price will of course be higher.

Women’s NFL Jerseys

Finally, women’s NL jerseys are becoming increasingly popular these days. Of course, they are cut for a woman’s body and made in soft colors like pink or peach.

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