We are all familiar with this saying, “In a strong body, there is a healthy soul”. But it’s not always the saying that can make your soul healthy without effort The power of the soul, heart and mind is the main influence in living life. Most things that happen to us must be faced with a good mind and quiet. But more of us do not pay attention to it.

Instead of putting ego forward and being brutal in the face of problems. Therefore it is important for us to know the patterns and ways to calm your soul, heart and mind so that life can be lived quietly. Some of the tips below may be done as a simple way to calm your soul, heart and mind.

Train how to Communicate

Communication is the key to socializing.
Sometimes a problem occurs, when someone has to communicate with others, especially in the face of different opinions.
Therefore you should learn to communicate well, especially how to express different opinions and attitude, when your opinion is less acceptable. And much more important is to practice your modesty.

Changing the Environment

Changing the environment in this case is not forcing you to change friends, workplace let alone your place of residence. But more precisely is how you can change the habits that usually make you uncomfortable.


There are many who do this is relaxation.Relaxation is a technique for dealing with worry or anxiety as well as stress that is done by relaxing the muscles and nerves.In other words, relaxation is also a condition of rebellion in the physical and mental aspects of man, while the spiritual aspect remains actively working. One common relaxation is to take a deep breath, and do light exercises to relax the muscles, and can also be done with a pleasant way of saying.

Listening to Music

Music has always been the key to peace. Everyone has different tastes with music, but the important thing to choose the type of music that is really calm like classical music, reggae and also pop.


Laughter is a very cheap and easy therapy.If you have a good sense of humor, you are less prone to stress, depression and anxiety.If you face some difficult phases in life, do not lose the smile on your face and face it as a fighter who never cursed fate.


Close to God can lead you to become more calm.Do worship according to your own religious beliefs. This will definitely make your heart more peaceful.You can worship alone, visit places of worship and pray there, or consult with religious experts.What is clear, bring yourself to the Creator to achieve inner peace.

Changing the Ways of View

Turning a negative outlook into a positive outlook is one of the easiest ways to calm your heart, mind and spirit. For example, when you feel you are in an unpleasant position, then try to think that the position you are facing is something that really happened, but it is not the end of everything in your life. Always thinking positive will bring a calm soul.

Light exercise

Light exercise like swimming, yoga, and cycling is very powerful to make the body become more relaxed. As long as you do not overdo it, this exercise can help you sleep better and wake up in fresher conditions in the morning. It will be more fun if you do this activity with people closest to you.