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The Effects of Medical Marijuana on the Quality of Sleep

Sleep disorders can either be treated with medical marijuana or prescription medication. If you compare the results of taking these two types of remedy, it has been the experience of many that using medical marijuana gives them a better quality of sleep with no side effects than using prescription drugs. If you have insomnia, your sleep is disrupted and it will adversely affect many areas of your life. A person suffering from insomnia will have health problems. Other adverse effects of not having good quality sleep at night is relationship strain and not being able to give you best at work and at home. The effect of using prescription drugs is just like not having good sleep since you feel very drowsy the nest day and your body is sluggish. These effects don’t happen to people taking medical marijuana to remedy their sleeping problems. Medical marijuana is a natural and safe alternative to prescription medication and it produces great results.

These prescription medication for sleeping problems can put you at risk and can cause addiction. But with medical marijuana, these effects are not identified or experienced as shown by researches. Medical marijuana is non-habit forming and compared to prescription medication, you get a better quality of sleep. You will have a good feeling waking up because your body was able to rest that it needs.

The quality of sleep that you get from taking medical marijuana is something that is like a new experience to you. If you find it hard falling asleep and staying asleep, then medical marijuana can give you the remedy for that. You will not have that drowsy feeling the next day after getting a good quality sleep. When you use prescription medication continuously, you can become addicted to it. When prescription medication for sleep disorder is constantly needed, the person will soon find himself needing a higher dosage to get the same effects since the body will soon get immune to the drug. There will be an increase in side effects, the higher dosage of prescription drugs you take.

You will not have many problems taking medical marijuana for your sleeping disorders. Using medical marijuana is not habit forming and if you need to increase your dosage when you are particularly having a difficult time sleeping, it will not have any residual the next day.

There are many enjoyments in life that you can experience if you are able to sleep well each night. A person who feels very much relaxed and rested is more productive at work, will have quality time with his family, and will be very active in life. If you are someone who gets a good night’s sleep, you can do a lot of other activities that can help increase your quality of life.

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