Tea garden resort, hidden paradise in Indonesia


Want to feel the holiday with a different sensation? Try to spend the night in accommodation located on the edge of the forest. Although far from the city crowd, the agenda of traveling you would be fun. No need to far to Lombok or Bali, in Subang there is one more resort that is perfect to disappear from the hustle and bustle of the capital. Moreover, the place is cool and definitely recommended for honeymooners. Curious is not it?

Who says vines can only be seen on the neighbor’s fence? Apparently, there is a┬áresort that offers building with green grass blanket this one. Especially if not tea garden resort, unique accommodation located in the middle of rice fields and tea gardens in Subang, west java. Not only stunned by the minimalist design of his cottage, you will be going home to stay here for long.

Most places to stay away from the center of the crowd is very difficult to access. Similarly, the tea garden resort which takes quite a long time from the city of Bandung. Even so, you will not regret having chosen this one accommodation. There are many fun facilities ranging from the bedroom directly facing directly to the tea garden, a relaxing place to read Instagram-able book to the pool which consists of warm and cold water. Well, of course, vacation with a couple to here really fitting.

Outfit of the day has become a hobby for many tourists when arriving at the destination. In addition to tourist attractions, the resort can be a background to take pictures of the place is cool and well-known. Well, at tea garden resort itself you will not run out of style because of many spots for photo hunting. Even upstairs can be the most interesting place when the sun is drowning or rising.

Satisfied with the facilities provided by tea garden resort, less complete if not visiting the Subang tourist attraction in the vicinity. One of the destinations that you must visit while here is the tea garden that is not inferior to other tea plantations. Well, if there is time, stop by to the natural tourism cupola which is located can be reached by foot in 10 minutes. Well, in this crapola you can enjoy the fresh natural beauty and splash water from exotic waterfalls in it.

Once satisfied to enjoy the charm of the nature tourism cupola, you can all hang out in the shop near this one tourist attraction. From the number of food stalls, you must try to eat at pinus. Not just about the food is delicious and filling, the design of this place is super cool and very unique. Even the food stalls that are open and blend with the nature of this one looks very contemporary.

The all-green scenery, fresh air, and exotic mountain panorama are the main attraction of overnight at tea garden resort. Moreover, the design of the building is very unique compared to the others. Well, what are you waiting to try to experience the sensation of staying here