Music is one form of human health and intelligence, human health will encourage all organs to function properly, including the brain, and the intelligence of the brain will create many things including music. Health itself is the most important possession of human beings in life, while human intelligence is a path used to achieve their life goals. Health and human intelligence can not be separated by what is done by man himself, what every human do, then the good or bad impact will be accepted by human being. If you feel that your current life is indeed difficult to maintain your health and increase intelligence in your thinking patterns, then you must improve the quality of your life for the better.

Many people can not balance the health they have and the intelligence they control. Sometimes the person is very healthy, but Evidently in thinking so very less, and there are also very smart people, with various titles such as prof, doctor, and so on but in the body suffering from heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other diseases. In life is very difficult, especially with the current developments. It takes a balance between health and intelligence to adapt to what is happening right now. Pressures and demands of all kinds will make you more depressed, and if you are unable to create a calm, comfortable atmosphere and certainly feel relaxed your health will certainly decrease and your intelligence can also be depressed with the pressure.

Many ways you can do to overcome the pressure you experience, one of them by using music therapy total relaxation. Total relaxation music therapy will help you to create a comfortable atmosphere, calm and certainly eliminate all the pressure experienced by your brain. Here are the benefits of total music relaxation therapy:

  • Healing: Listening to relaxation music can have a positive result on pain management. Listening to relaxation music can reduce chronic pain, reduce pain sensation, reduce prolonged pain and postoperative pain. While giving birth is also good listening to this relaxation music. Very good is used to reduce the consumption of medical drugs. Musical relaxation provides control and causes the body to release endorphins to fight the pain.
  • Reduce blood pressure: Listening to relaxation music or classical songs about 30 minutes every day can lower blood pressure / hypertension. Medication for the Heart: Musical relaxation is very effective in use to treat chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer and others. This is an easy and inexpensive way and tips. This relaxing effect of music can have a major effect on self-healing. Accelerate recovery: good relaxed music is used to speed up health recovery such as strokes and other diseases. Music also improves immunity (improves immune function).
  • Developing a creative mind: According to research, music relaxation is able to inspire someone when creating an idea. Musical relaxation can make the creativity better because it has the power to develop higher brain function.
  • Improved memory / memory performance: Relaxation music allows us to enter deep relaxed conditions and enter the unconscious state, where memory is stored and helps improve concentration and focus: Studies show that listening to a relaxed tone increases the intensity of concentration.
  • Helping body movement and coordination: Through music, our muscle tension decreases. Musical relaxation also improves movement and coordination of the body and eliminates fatigue: The unnecessary, listening to relaxation music can be an effective way of finding extra energy for the body. This can eliminate fatigue caused by too much exercise
  • fatigue caused by repetitive and tedious work. Increase productivity: Listening to music while working can inspire us. Most people work well and perform better at work while they are listening to music. Relax your mind and help overcome insomnia: One way to overcome insomnia is by listening to classical music. Studies show that listening to music can keep you relaxed, brain waves decline, so your sleep becomes easier.