Music Meditation is a means to accompany or accompany in meditation. With companion music, it can make it easier to achieve relaxation, stabilize brain waves, and decrease the intensity of the throbbing pulse. It is advisable to use some kind of music in meditation such as classical music, ethnic music, natural instruments or brainwave music and so on. Total Relaxation is a relaxation music to help your brain enter in a calm and creative state. Train the brain in alpha frequency throughout the day, more leverage in work, relax, relax, comfortable, peaceful and free. Benefits of meditation with total relaxation: Healing and recovery, lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease, increasing immunity, sleepless sleep and others.

Music capable of conditioning the brain in Alpha Theta waves. Train your brain to achieve a state of relaxation and meditation. Entering the conditions of outstanding creativity. The Theta Alpha Wave Sound Combination, the sound of the nation of the night, streams of streams, waterfalls and distant thunder voices deliver you to the natural conditions of yogis and meditation . Achieve meditation conditions easily with Alpha Theta digital technology. Achieve the highest level in meditation, awareness, clarity and. Make your dream trips more real and organized. The music program in this DVD will keep your condition in the process. You are in the right condition. In a 4 week usage program you can obtain a balance of electromagnetic energy in the brain, and increase significantly.

Music Meditation Brain Waves General

General Brainwave digital meditation is Audio that can help achieve the balance of brain waves. In general there are 6 audio brain waves used for therapy, namely: Audio Waves Delta, Theta, Alpha, SMR, Beta, and Gamma. Aside from being a meditation delivery music, General Brainwave can also be used as a back sound music room when you move. This music can improve focus and build the mood of the listener.

Music Trance Hypnosis Meditation

Brain Wave Therapy Trance Hypnosis is a special therapy to get you into a deep hypnotic state (Deep Trance) with the brain wave stimulation present in this therapy. Trance is a condition between conscious and unconscious, in this condition is very good used to give positive suggestion to you. With meditation in trance you can increase your self potential through self hypnosis (self hypnotizing).

Music Universal Awareness Meditation

This is Meditation Music that will take you in a state of universal consciousness. The Universal mind can be defined as the center of one’s mind that includes the components of life, knowledge, relationships, personality, entities, technology, processes and the development of the universe. The Universal mind has a high curiosity and has a good analysis of everything. Entering the Universal Conscious can Awaken Your Intuition and Be a Wise Life.

Music Reiki Booster Meditation

Reiki is a spiritual therapy that is done remotely without using a touch. This therapy uses only visualization techniques, with the aim of detecting and reducing problems in the flow of life energy around a person. Music Reiki Meditation is a music that you can use in learning Reiki, Meditation accompanied by Reiki Booster music will help Reiki Mastery in the Body, Increase the ability of Reiki Therapy and Perfect Reiki Reiki.

Music Chakra Power Meditation

Chakra stimulation is an ancient art used by Yoga Practitioners and Meditation to raise spiritual awareness. Music Mrditasi Cakara Power serves to open and activate each of the seven Chakras with different frequency ranges and basic frequency that have been determined. Spiritual energy itself is the essence of every human ability. Chakra itself is a spiritual energy generator for man.

Music Kundalini Awakening Meditation

Many people never experience the benefits of spiritual energy because it is very difficult to wake them up. Yoga practice and regular meditation can help awaken the Kundalini energy, but this usually takes years of practice. But with this subconscious level therapy technology you can surpass with Kundalini Awakening Meditation Music.