Luxury Trip to Sawai Madhopur with Palace on Wheels

On the third day of the week long lavish tour, the plush Palace on Wheels takes the comfortable guests to visit this beautiful city of Sawai Madhopur. The Ruler Sawai Madho Singh – I founded this famous city in the mid 1700s.

Sawai Madhopur Overview

It is famous for several reasons and many tourists from all over the world visit this famous city every year. The city is famous for forts, the vast national park that gets the name from the fort, several tranquil lakes & old temples. This city is in between two famous cities in Rajasthan – Bikaner & Kota and is set between two picturesque mountains known as the Aravallis & Vindhyala mountain ranges. There are also some towns with great monuments where many battles were fought in history including Mahaveer Ji, Tonk & Karauli towns.

5 Famous Attractions in Sawai Madhopur

  1. Jogi Mahal: This is a quiet rest house at the foothills of the massive Ranthambore Fort. It gives the best view of the amazing Padam Talab in close vicinity of the forests rest house and the second largest banyan tree in the whole country of India here. It is believed that this is the best place to see the wild cats roaming around even in broad daylight.
  2. Ganesh Temple: This temple is situated also at the Ranthambore Fort and is visited by several tourists. The temple gets crowded especially during the famous Ganesh Chaturti celebrations. There is a local market close by with several sellers during this time.
  3. Ranthambore Fort: This great fortress of defense with bastions, enormous ramparts & massive gates is one of the oldest forts in Rajathan dating back to before the 1000 AD. This fort is built on top of a hill at a height of 250 meters and overlooks the wildlife national park with tigers & rare species. Tourists can see great sculptures & pillars in the valley of the fort.
  4. Ranthambore National Park: It was renamed after the great fort Ranthambore Fort as it stands over this vast park of 400 sq km. There are the ornamental & rare species of flora and fauna found here including the Chintal & Nilgai etc. It is a haven for birdwatchers as they can see big species like King Eagle, Vulture, Paradise Flycatchers, Green Pigeon, Red Fowl & many more migratory & resident species.
  5. The 3 Famous Lakes: One of the beautiful things to view the Sambhar drink water in the hot afternoons from the Raj Bagh Lake. There is amazing aquatic life in the Padam Talab & Mirag Lakes that flow through the vast forest. At some times guests can also see the wild tigers drinking waters at the banks of these lakes.

The luxury train India arrives at the Sawai Madhopur Railway Station early in the morning when guests have to de-board the train for the exciting wildlife tour at Ranthambore National Park. The guests have a healthy & light breakfast in the forest lodge. This is  during the thrilling jungle safari at the wildlife park. They then return to the luxurious train for a lunch onboard one of the lavish restaurants that serves Continental & Rajasthani cuisine.

So, do not miss out these experiences on the week long tour of the luxurious Palace on Wheels sojourn on Day 3. It is the most thrilling luxury trip to Sawai Madhopur with Palace on Wheels.