Looking for a small hotel in a quiet location?

Small hotels are born of the passion and the desire to create and share a unique and welcoming place where nature meets the charm and quiet of a structure with few rooms to meet the needs of each individual guest in a personalized way for a ‘ unique experience of its kind.

Most Italian small hotels are located in green areas but at the same time not too far away from the nearest historic centers. In this way the customer can enter a dimension that gives a sense of calm, relaxation and well-being that leads away from the stress of the outside world.

A small hotel is therefore a corner of paradise where guests can celebrate a special occasion or simply enjoy a few days of free and carefree vacations.

How could we synthetically define small hotels? They are definitely the place where hospitality is matched to an environment in which clarity of mind and food for the soul abound.

For a small hotel the essential aspect is without a doubt the attention to details, the friendly and unsurpassed service, unique experiences in a comfortable and elegant setting.

If you are looking for a small hotel in a quiet location, perhaps surrounded by greenery, in Charminly’s careful selection, the Antica Dimora hotel in Val Regina occupies a special place. Situated on the border between the Marche and Emilia Romagna, this small hotel has only 5 rooms and is therefore a true paradise for those looking for a place to regenerate and be pampered and satisfied in every desire.

On days with clear weather, breakfast is served in the park and is made directly by the owners with genuine and quality food. On booking you can also dine in the small restaurant which offers its guests excellent dishes of the culinary tradition of Marche and Romagna.

The rooms of this small hotel are all different, with terracotta floors, 18th-century furnishings and some canopy bed or fireplace in the room.

Another region that deserves to be visited is certainly Tuscany. Tuscany is well-known throughout the world for its artistic and cultural heritage, also recognized by UNESCO. This region, rich in cities and monuments to visit, is home to many festivals, parties and markets of unparalleled beauty not to be missed at all times of the year.

If you want to arrange here your next vacation choosing to stay in a small hotel, our advice is Frances’ Lodge, a charming small hotel in the province of Siena that has six rooms, all of which are very large and furnished with refinement, preferring light colors.

Even in this small hotel nothing is left to chance and everything is taken care of in the smallest detail to ensure guests’ utmost satisfaction. The breakfast room is made with large windows that allow you to enjoy healthy and genuine food while admiring the surrounding garden. Outside there is also a large swimming pool overlooking the city of Siena. From here you can also admire spectacular sunsets that make you excited.