Google Play Music is one of the built-in music player apps from Android, almost all types of Android have the facility besides of course the default music player application from Android brand that each brand is different. Among the several default music applications from Android with a particular brand is known to not be able to display the status of music being played on BlackBerry Messenger.

At the start of the launch of the latest version of BlackBerry Messenger Android the Google Play Music music player application can not show What I am hearing to our friends BlackBerry Messenger  contacts, but now the Google Play Music app can feature music features that are old features of BlackBerry Messenger version. How to use its tutorial.

To use this music player feature does not need to download again application Google Play Music because in general this application has been there since the beginning of buying Android. But if this application is not there or deleted please download this application in Play store with Google Play Music keywords, see picture below.

If it is already downloaded or you already have this app click on the menu picture that reads Google Play Music after login, register. To register do not have to bother creating an account because you only need approval to login or login of course with email in Google Android account. Next select the songs in the MMC, SdCard or your Android internal memory.

To add a song on the menu to the left of the text Listen now press or select the My Koles menu, enter a song from the existing one. After that just play the song that has been entered in the play list. If you still fail to display music on BlackBerry Messenger status on your Android with this app, can see further explanation here ..