From our little ones, as infants even, we’ve been introduced to various types or genres of music. Probably not as much now, but at least from our little we are already acquainted with music. You definitely agree that listening to music can affect your mood and better color your days while on the move, whether at home, school, college, office, or hangout, maybe. Especially now it’s easier to listen to music or watch music festivals, because the development of technology has enabled us to listen to music through various gadgets wherever we are.

Scientists from the University of Missouri found that true music affects the mood of those who listen to it. “Your research results support what many people have done: listen to music to improve their mood. Based on research conducted Ferguson, published in The Journal of Positive Psychology, people can more successfully improve their mood and increase their overall happiness in just 2 weeks, by listening to music.

In their study, study participants were asked to listen to music to improve their mood, but this only worked when they listened to music with a quick beat from Copeland, and was less successful with a slightly mellow music from Stravinsky. The other participants, who were asked to listen to music aimlessly changed the mood, did not report an increase in happiness. “People can focus more on their experiences on the journey to happiness, and not stick to their goals,” Ferguson said.

15 genres of music that can affect the mood. Listening to music makes our mood affected because the music makes the body produce dopamine. Increased dopamine in the brain that responds to music proves that humans get pleasure after listening to music. There are 15 genres or types of music that you can listen to and everything will affect your mood. Depending on what kind of condition or mood you feel right now, but when you listen to all the genres or some of them, your mood will be more fitting as you want. Enjoy!


If you feel a little nervous or anxious, you may want to listen to blues music. The rhythm of his music can slightly slow down your heart rate and keep you calm.

Rock & punk

This music is energetic and can boost your mood. If you enjoy rock and punk music, your adrenaline and energy drive will be greatly improved. It makes you want to nod and prance!


Genre or type of music this one is suitable for you who often explosive emotions. Reggae is one of the genres of music that can soothe you. Some people say the reggae genre has a healthy music rhythm for the human heart, especially when listening to it while resting.

Pop / rock mainstream

Listening to mainstream music on the market, such as on TV, radio, the internet, be it pop or rock can help you when you want to exercise after work, but you feel lazy to do it. Soothing tempos and easily digestible rhythms (including the lyrics) make your heart rate normal and breath consistent.

Classic love song

Listening to this song is suitable when the new happiness just get a partner. But if just broke up? Should not listen to romantic songs. If you watch Bridget Jones’ Diary and remember the All To Myself song, do not do the same!


Dance track will make you feel better quickly. Fast tempo and high energy levels will make you sway

Classical music

This music genre can improve one’s mood at a time. This type of music can also be called the level of brain ability, classical music features are often used in schools and also in hospitals. In addition, classical songs can also make you (and your kids, of course) sleep better at night.

Rap & hip-hop

This type of music can change your mood in several ways depending on the lyrics of the song, the tempo of the music, and the overall message contained in the song itself. Rap songs often carry messages of anger, arrogance, and violence, but some people say their rap rap is relaxed. Maybe avoid ‘rap gangsta’ and choose something with lyrics more reasonable and easy to understand, better yet better.

Heavy metal

Aggressive lyrics and melodies can affect you. Just like rap and hip hop, everyone is different and some people may argue that people who like heavy metal music have higher self esteem.


Country music is associated with depression and even suicide. If you’re depressed or down do not listen to this song!

New age

New Age is mostly filled with instruments and various sounds. Using this music genre takes you into calm and proper for meditation and relaxation.


Listening to songs from theater and musical soundtracks can be very motivating. This music gives inspiration and sensitivity about creativity.


Latin music tends to encourage energy. Whether it’s a tough day in the office or you’re really new, Latin music can keep you going with more symptoms with symptoms!


Whatever music genre is played, disco music from year to year can make you swamped and happy today. Do not forget to dance fun while listening!


Perhaps the music genre included in this one is the songs of quiet nuance, like acoustic or folk songs. By listening to this existing song “meditate” you can reduce stress and anxiety levels while enhancing calm and relaxation