Music is one form of human health and intelligence, human health will encourage all organs to function properly, including the brain, and the intelligence of the brain will create many things including music. Health itself is the most important possession of human beings in life, while human intelligence is a path used to achieve their life goals. Health and human intelligence can not be separated by what is done by man himself, what every human do, then the good or bad impact will be accepted by human being. If you feel that your current life is indeed difficult to maintain your health and increase intelligence in your thinking patterns, then you must improve the quality of your life for the better.

Many people can not balance the health they have and the intelligence they control. Sometimes the person is very healthy, but Evidently in thinking so very less, and there …

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The Most Expensive Musical Instrument in the World

Music is an entertainment that is loved by everyone. So often, many people who like listening to music everywhere and anytime. The purpose of people listening to the average music to be able to relax. We may often see guitars on city buses, keyboards on single organ shows, or flutes and drums at parties and many other musical instruments that are unfamiliar to you. But not with this one, there are some of the most famous musical instruments in the world that are hard to find in events like above.

There are different types of music in the world, such as pop, jazz, and classical. Everyone has different tastes in music and loves different kinds of music. All different musical forms have many singers. Many different musical instruments in the world are used musicians in playing music. In fact, some of them are the most expensive musical instruments.

The Violin

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Tips to Soothe Soul, Heart and Mind

We are all familiar with this saying, “In a strong body, there is a healthy soul”. But it’s not always the saying that can make your soul healthy without effort The power of the soul, heart and mind is the main influence in living life. Most things that happen to us must be faced with a good mind and quiet. But more of us do not pay attention to it.

Instead of putting ego forward and being brutal in the face of problems. Therefore it is important for us to know the patterns and ways to calm your soul, heart and mind so that life can be lived quietly. Some of the tips below may be done as a simple way to calm your soul, heart and mind.

Train how to Communicate

Communication is the key to socializing.
Sometimes a problem occurs, when someone has to communicate with others, especially …

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