Music Meditation is a means to accompany or accompany in meditation. With companion music, it can make it easier to achieve relaxation, stabilize brain waves, and decrease the intensity of the throbbing pulse. It is advisable to use some kind of music in meditation such as classical music, ethnic music, natural instruments or brainwave music and so on. Total Relaxation is a relaxation music to help your brain enter in a calm and creative state. Train the brain in alpha frequency throughout the day, more leverage in work, relax, relax, comfortable, peaceful and free. Benefits of meditation with total relaxation: Healing and recovery, lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease, increasing immunity, sleepless sleep and others.

Music capable of conditioning the brain in Alpha Theta waves. Train your brain to achieve a state of relaxation and meditation. Entering the conditions of outstanding creativity. The Theta Alpha Wave Sound …

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