Best hotels in South Goa for spending the weekend

Goa is one of the smallest states in India. But, it has a diverse culture. You have the river Mandovi separating North Goa from South Goa. The divide is a pronounced one. This river divides people not only geographically but also culturally. South Goa is more of the beaches and national parks whereas the northern district of Goa has more temples and churches. Tourists visit both the districts whenever they visit Goa. You find some exquisite South Goa hotels that range from the luxurious 5-star types to the ordinary ones.

Konkani is the most prominent language in Goa. The beauty of this language is that people from the northern districts speak Konkani with a sprinkling of Marathi words whereas their southern counterparts speak Konkani with a Kannada influence. Some of the best places to visit in South Goa are the wonderful beaches like Agonda, Palolem, Cavelossim, Varca, Benaulim, and Majorda among the others. You have the Dudhsagar waterfalls in the southern district of Goa. The Portuguese influence is more in this area with places like Vasco-da-Gama and Colva. The Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary is also one of the most beautiful wildlife sanctuaries in India. The Dabolim Airport in South Goa is at present the only airport in the state. You have many South Goa hotels on the way from Dabolim to Panjim and Madgaon. Let us look at some of them from both the ends of the spectrum.

The Leela Goa:

Belonging to the Leela Group of hotels, this 5-star hotel is one of the most expensive and luxurious of South Goa Hotels. With fares starting from Rs 64,000, you should know what to expect in this 5-star luxurious hotel. Of course, this hotel is out of the reach of the middle class Goan. It will surprise you that a lot of Goans do love to spend their weekend at the Leela Goa. This beachfront hotel is the epitome of luxury as you have every kind of comfort at this place. You get everything at your beck and call in your rooms. There is no need for us to describe the amenities because The Leela Group is renowned for its hospitality. This hotel is one of the best in their chain of hotels all around India.

Radisson Blu Resort – Cavelossim Beach

The Leela Goa might be out of reach for the common Goan citizen. But, the Radisson Blu Resort at Cavelossim Beach definitely is not. With fares starting from around Rs 10000, this hotel has great patronage among tourists as well as local people. They would not mind shelling this amount for a fantastic weekend. The proximity to the beach and the pampering you get at the hotel are some of the strong influencing reasons. This is also a 5-star hotel with facilities comparable to that you get in various hotels around the country. Spending the better part of the evening on this virgin beach is a heavenly experience.

Palm Grove Cottages – Benaulim

Benaulim is another virgin beach in South Goa. This beach receives its share of tourists, especially during the weekends. One of the best places to stay in this area is Palm Grove Cottages. These are individual cottages that provide a rustic feel to the surroundings. The experience is a tremendous one. You can book your rooms in this hotel at fares starting from Rs 4000. This makes it one of the most affordable South Goa hotels to spend the weekend. The best aspect of this hotel is that you get the facilities of a 5-star hotel such as AC, free breakfast, bar, spa, and many more. The surrounding foliage gives it a nice forest-like look thereby taking you that much closer to Nature.

Heritage Village Resort and Spa – Cansaulim

We have seen a couple of 5-star South Goa hotels. These hotels offer some of the most hospitable facilities. There are other 4-star hotels in South Goa such as the Heritage Village Resort and Spa at Arossim Beach, Cansaulim. Arossim Beach is another beautiful beach in the endless array of Goan beaches. This hotel is very near to the beach. You can literally smell the Arabian Sea from your hotel rooms. Relaxing by the poolside is also a great experience. With deals starting from Rs 11000, this hotel is certainly within the reach of the quintessential middle-class Indian. Spending the weekend in this hotel brings you that much closer to Nature as possible.

Devasthali – the Valley of Gods

Located in Hollant Beach, Dabolim, this hotel is the favourite of many visitors who prefer to spend some time in South Goa before moving to the northern part of the state. With the fares starting from as low as Rs 4700, it is one of the best South Goa hotels to spend your weekend. Hollant Beach …

3 Simple Ways to Keep Your iPhone Charged Throughout The Day

When was the last time you put your phone down? You may even be reading this on your phone! We’re constantly connected, and there’s no avoiding it. We rely on our phones for a lot, so they should be able to rely on us for a full battery (or at least a decent charge) while we’re out and about. Here are three ways to keep a charge all day long:

  1. iPhone 8 Portable Charger

Being ready whenever anything strikes—emergencies, epic photo moments, needing to listen to your tunes so you’re not bored—is a serious part of being a responsible iPhone user. After all, how else would you be able to use your GPS or call for a tow if you need one? Having a portable charger means that you’re up for anything, anywhere that adventure (or disaster) takes you.

  1. Backpack With Built In Battery Charger

Most of us end up carrying a bunch of different devices while we’re out on the town. Laptops, tablets, e-readers and graphic tablets—there’s chargers and cases that go with them, and it gets heavy. Now you can carry your items in your backpack, which comes with a portable battery charger/power bank so you’re never left in the dark again.

  1. Power Dock

Wireless charging is awesome, and half the time your friends don’t expect you to just fold open your wireless charger and take control of your phone again. It’s a conversation piece, and a reliable charger when you need it in a hurry (they’re also good for hotel stays so you don’t have to pay insane prices for cables at the gas station).

TYLT also has a lot more products to keep your iPhone charged throughout the day. So, get the best power banks for iPhone models (even the new X) today, so you won’t end up with a dead battery tomorrow.…

Looking for a small hotel in a quiet location?

Small hotels are born of the passion and the desire to create and share a unique and welcoming place where nature meets the charm and quiet of a structure with few rooms to meet the needs of each individual guest in a personalized way for a ‘ unique experience of its kind.

Most Italian small hotels are located in green areas but at the same time not too far away from the nearest historic centers. In this way the customer can enter a dimension that gives a sense of calm, relaxation and well-being that leads away from the stress of the outside world.

A small hotel is therefore a corner of paradise where guests can celebrate a special occasion or simply enjoy a few days of free and carefree vacations.

How could we synthetically define small hotels? They are definitely the place where hospitality is matched to an environment in which clarity of mind and food for the soul abound.

For a small hotel the essential aspect is without a doubt the attention to details, the friendly and unsurpassed service, unique experiences in a comfortable and elegant setting.

If you are looking for a small hotel in a quiet location, perhaps surrounded by greenery, in Charminly’s careful selection, the Antica Dimora hotel in Val Regina occupies a special place. Situated on the border between the Marche and Emilia Romagna, this small hotel has only 5 rooms and is therefore a true paradise for those looking for a place to regenerate and be pampered and satisfied in every desire.

On days with clear weather, breakfast is served in the park and is made directly by the owners with genuine and quality food. On booking you can also dine in the small restaurant which offers its guests excellent dishes of the culinary tradition of Marche and Romagna.

The rooms of this small hotel are all different, with terracotta floors, 18th-century furnishings and some canopy bed or fireplace in the room.

Another region that deserves to be visited is certainly Tuscany. Tuscany is well-known throughout the world for its artistic and cultural heritage, also recognized by UNESCO. This region, rich in cities and monuments to visit, is home to many festivals, parties and markets of unparalleled beauty not to be missed at all times of the year.

If you want to arrange here your next vacation choosing to stay in a small hotel, our advice is Frances’ Lodge, a charming small hotel in the province of Siena that has six rooms, all of which are very large and furnished with refinement, preferring light colors.

Even in this small hotel nothing is left to chance and everything is taken care of in the smallest detail to ensure guests’ utmost satisfaction. The breakfast room is made with large windows that allow you to enjoy healthy and genuine food while admiring the surrounding garden. Outside there is also a large swimming pool overlooking the city of Siena. From here you can also admire spectacular sunsets that make you excited.…

Why is Lonavala A Perfect Weekend Getaway Destination for Mumbaikars


Just the mention of ‘Lonavala’ is more than enough to set the imagination of Mumbaikars reeling. The breathtaking valleys, lush green hills, tall mountains that appear to be kissing the clouds, and the perfect weather; Lonavala has everything to make it one of the best weekend getaways from Mumbai. If you are planning to head to Lonavala this weekend, we’ll give you five reasons why it is a perfect choice.

While there are several places near Mumbai that are close to the hearts of the Mumbaikars, Lonavala has long maintained a unique propinquity. Around 100 km from Mumbai, the hill station is one of the most popular tourist spots close to the city that attracts thousands of tourists every year. The magnificent valleys, lush green hills, cool breeze, cascading waterfalls, and a perfect weather almost throughout the year; Lonavala is nothing short of a paradise on land.

If you are searching for the perfect weekend getaway from Mumbai, we’ll give you five reasons that make Lonavala the perfect choice.

  1. Closeness to the City

A visit to Lonavala can easily be turned into a fun-filled road trip, which you can complete in just a single day. The hill station is just 100 km from Mumbai via the Mumbai-Bengaluru highway; you can easily reach Lonavala in around 2 hours. If you start early in the morning, you can return to Mumbai just in time for dinner.

With most working professionals in Mumbai just having a single day off in a week, a trip to Lonavala is an excellent way to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city for a day to rejuvenate yourself.

  1. Feel the Nature

There is no denying the fact that Mumbai has turned into a concrete jungle, which takes people as far away from nature as possible. Add to it your busy professional and personal life, and you just lose your contact with the beauty of nature.

If reconnecting with nature is what you want your to do on a weekend trip, then Lonavala fits the need effortlessly. The gushing waterfalls, tall mountains, valleys, and caves here are sure to provide you with an experience that is hard to come by in Mumbai.

  1. Great Weather throughout the Year

Lonavala is not like any other tourist spot which can be best experienced in particular months or seasons. While tourists throng the hill station mostly in the monsoon and winter months, the place enjoys a beautiful weather throughout the year.

The summers are not as hot as to make you sweat profusely, and the winters too won’t require you to hide yourself under multiple layers. Just ensure that you book hotels in Lonavala in advance if you are travelling in the monsoon or winter months as the hotels can get crowded during this period.

  1. A Haven for Foodies

The hill station is also very popular for its food. Right from the spicy bhajiyas and Vada Pav to a hot cup of Masala Chai in the perfect weather; there are innumerable food options here. Veg and non-veg food is easy to find in most restaurants, and there are also several multi-cuisine restaurants.

If you are in Lonavala, do not forget to try the popular Chikki and Chocolate Fudge. No Mumbaikar ever returns from Lonavala without carrying a few boxes of these local favourites.

  1. Ideal destination for Everyone

No matter if you are travelling alone, with friends, or with family and kids, Lonavala has something for everyone. Apart from the natural beauty of the hill station, there are several other amazing things which can be enjoyed by everyone here.

Some of the most popular options include rafting, trekking, and camping. There are also several great resorts like Della Resort, The Machan, Amby Valley Resorts, Fariyas Resort, and much more that offer amazing amenities like a water park, golf, adventure hunts, Jacuzzi, bird watching, jungle camp and much more.

No matter if you want to enjoy a fun-filled time with your family, or just want to relax in the lap of nature, Lonavala is a perfect place for every tourist with any objective. With the weekend approaching already, it’s time that you start packing your bag with a few essentials and prepare yourself to enjoy an experience of a lifetime.…

Top 5 Regional Indian Restaurants in Mumbai

Mumbai is the ultimate destination for foodies. The restaurants of Mumbai are very popular for their amazing ambience along with their delectable food. Regional Indian food is a great speciality here and it is amongst the cuisines that you must definitely try.

Here are the best restaurants in Mumbai that serve regional Indian food:


Sheesha Sky Lounge

If you want to dine at a roof top restaurant where you can enjoy some nice flavours of regional Indian food under the beautiful night sky, then Sheesha Sky Lounge is a great choice. The soft lighting and beautiful ambience makes you feel extremely comfortable and relaxed. The restaurant also has a huge bar with a great variety of drinks. Different flavours of hookah are also served here.

Address: Sheesha Sky Lounge, C 18/21-201, 2nd Floor, Veera Desai Road, Opp. Laxmi Industrial Estate, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400069.

38 Degree East

38 Degree Eastis the perfect place to be if you want to enjoy the taste of all corners of India and other cuisines also. The regional Indian food served here is lip smacking good. The colourful interior of the restaurant adds a peppy feel to the restaurant. It is a great place to hang out with both friends and family. Its non-vegetarian dishes are particularly very popular. Mutton rogan josh, chicken reshami kebab, chicken tandoor, hakka noodles, chicken tikka and chicken Manchurian are the dishes you should certainly order.

Address: 38 Degree East, Panchkutir, Lake Road, Powai, Next to VV Motors, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076.

No. 101 Restaurant

Mughlai and North Indian food are the most sought-after regional Indian cuisines. No. 101 restaurant serves delicious preparations of Indian food. All the dishes that are served here are extremely yummy. Some of the major highlights of the menu offered here are its sea food platter, paneerkurchan, bhindi do pyaza, multanimurghseekh, pahadimurghtikka, dhaniashorba, nimbumirchbabycorn, bharwankhumb, missal pav, poha, podi butter tossed idli, sabudanakhichdi and egg dosa.

Address: No.101 Restaurant, B-101, Hiranandani Business Park , Ventura Building, Central Avenue, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400072.


If you are searching for a place that can completely satiate your hunger for delicious regional Indian dishes, then head out to Dishkiayoon located in BandraKurla Complex. It has everything that constitutes a perfect restaurant. It has a vibrant décor and does not compromise in quality, taste and presentation of food. It is very famous for its Goan dishes. The chefs of this restaurant also innovate new dishes with a twist of Indian curries and masala.

Address: Dishkiyaoon, G1, Ground Floor, The Capital, Block BKC,,BandraKurla Complex Road, Bandra East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051.

The Great Punjab

The Great Punjab restaurant will become one of your favourite places to hang out if you savour the taste of its regional Indian culinary delights. It offers a casual dining experience to all its customers and the staff present here makes sure that the customers do not feel inconvenient at all. The most frequently ordered dishes here are mutton palak, mutton kadai, tandoori aaloo and tangri kebab. The restaurant also serves alcohol and so you can pair your favourite drink with a refreshing cocktail. It also offers a private dining area for those who seek privacy.

Address: THE GREAT PUNJAB RESTAURANT, 266, Linking Rd, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050.

The next time you are searching for authentic regional Indian dishes in Mumbai, make sure you visit these top restaurants with your buddies.…

5 of the Most Popular Domestic Routes for Short-Haul Flights

As compared to travelling by rail or bus, the level of service and time-savings offered by flights has made air travel a popular travelling option in India. The falling airfare has only further expanded the popularity of air travel in the country. In this post, we’ll have a look at 5 of the most popular routes for short-haul flights.


While railways and travelling by road were very popular for inter-city travel in India, a large number of travellers are now switching to air travel. There are some reasons that make flying a better option as compared to other modes of transport. The quality of service one receives, time-savings, and last but not the least- the falling airfare.

Not just for long journeys but Indians now prefer flights from carriers like Goindigo, GoAir, and JetLite for short-haul flights too. Let us have a look at 5 of the most popular short-haul flight routes in India.

  1. Mumbai-Pune

While Mumbai has always been one of the most popular and busiest cities, the rapid developments in Pune have made it one of the fastest growing cities in India. Be it education or employment, a lot of Mumbaikars regularly travel between Mumbai and Pune, making it a popular short-haul flight route. Almost every budget carrier now offers several daily flights on this route.

  1. Delhi-Chandigarh

While Chandigarh and Delhi have always been well-connected through good-quality highway and umpteen trains, cheap air travel has added to the convenience of travellers looking for fast and efficient means of transport. Not just convenience, it also shortens the travel time to a great extent. While by road it can take up to 5 hours or more and train could take about 3-4 hours, by flight, both the cities are just one hour apart.

  1. Mumbai-Goa

The beautiful beaches of Goa have always attracted hoards of people from Mumbai. While the 600km drive between the cities too is a popular option for the youngsters of Mumbai, most of them prefer the 1-hour flight. You can find several Mumbai Goa and Goa Mumbai flights from almost every air carrier in India no matter what day of the week you plan to travel. However, if you are planning to visit Goa in November-December, it’ll be better if you book the tickets in advance as Goa is crowded during this period.

  1. Bengaluru-Mumbai

Bengaluru is now known as the ‘IT Hub’ of India, and there is no shortage of people travelling to this city from Mumbai for professional reasons. The duration of flight between these two popular cities is around 90 minutes, and travellers can find several flight options throughout the day and night. With the increasing popularity of Bengaluru, the number of flights and passengers to this city has increased significantly in the past few years.

  1. Delhi-Jaipur

Jaipur too is a popular tourist destination in India. The capital of Rajasthan has beautiful forts, gardens, museums, and courtyards which perfectly evoke the royalty which once ruled this city. And not just Indians but even foreigners visiting the country ensure that they do visit the popular Pink City. This has made Delhi-Jaipur a busy short-haul route for flights. The winter season between November and February is the best time to visit this magnificent city.

These are some of the most popular short-haul flights in India. Be it business or pleasure; you can now easily book tickets to these flights online and enjoy a budget-friendly, convenient, and time-efficient flying experience.…

Plan a Perfect Company Yacht Party

Despite of the fact that no one minds some relaxation or a party to spend some good time with collogues, most of the employees and people of corporate sector dread parties given by their company. Mostly because they are pretty boring and dull with the same old places and trends to move in. But if your shoulders are burdened by the responsibility of arranging a corporate party, then worry not. You can make a difference and initiate something interesting which could add a flavor in the usual boring formal parties by arranging a yacht party.

Yes, a yacht party is the perfect way to maintain your company’s prestigious and decent image with the class and elegance of a sophisticated yacht party. You may suggest your company to plan the yacht party somewhere exotic yet known for its commercial evaluation, like Dubai. As we all know Dubai is the Hub of Elite Cooperate sector around the globe and yacht rental Dubai services are known for their service and prestige.

Here are a few other things you should keep in mind while arranging a corporate yacht party.

Keep The Cause In Mind!

Now a corporate party can be given due to a lot of reasons like next business meeting or board retreat, rewarding your employees for a job well done and award ceremony for organization; so you better always keep in mind the cause while making the arrangements. As the cause will decide the number of guest you should invite, the menu you should order and the décor as well. Although yacht charter companies in Dubai have highly professional quality staff but it’s better to have everything clear and under your own control.

Decide Time, Date and Duration Onboard Wisely!

As you are arranging a professional event, it is very important to keep the planning nice and tight leaving no loose ends. Night time is the most suitable for formal parties so you should prefer night. Make your registration on the desired date on which you want to have your event. Keep the schedules and routines of your important guest in mind and consider their convenience while deciding the date.

Some events take longer than the other, while arranging a party on land you don’t care much about the time. But when you are going on board, time matters the most. The crew has to make arrangements according to the time given to them.  Now some events may be for a short time period while others take longer for example if the event is a simple for employees who worked extra hard to make the year successful, a short dinner cruise around the harbor is likely perfect. A longer voyage designed to impress important clients might be 4 hour or longer.

Dress Code and Precautions

Deciding a dress code in professional events always turns out to be favorable and elegant, so you better decide a color and a dress code considering the weather condition. Also, take all the necessary precautions of a yacht party like forbidding high heels and other things that can be harmful on the deck.