The benefits of music for the brain and health

Music that we hear every day has a special power to move our emotions. Music can make us become cheerful, sad, even can make someone moved and tears. How powerful the influence of some verses of poetry are played with the strains of simple chords of a song. Did you know that scientific studies have found that music really can change our mood, and can even help us to concentrate. Experts have seen the powerful musical effects that might help you to follow a race, prepare for an exam, or eliminate stress.

About music Research shows that listening to songs can have a noticeable effect on different parts of the brain that are responsible for several aspects, such as memory and visual. According to a psychologist from London, Dr Victoria, listening to music can affect a very broad reaction in the body and mind, and some parts of the brain …

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Broken heart music solution

Broken heart, very familiar in our daily life. I think almost everyone who has experienced the name of love must have been heartbroken. Whether it’s unrequited love, broken love or hurt because of consolation. Break up own love this tragedy must be for people who experience. Equally rich losing our loved ones tips died. We feel sick, sad, pained and crushed because the person who was so close to us, suddenly disappeared, disappeared and no more of us. When we experience a breakup, we feel that we become the most suffering people in the world, even many people who become victims of broken love. Merry break is a natural and sure thing in our life.

We feel sick because of Investment. Why investment? Already rich business . Yes, in relationships, we exchange something for something. During the courtship we give time, energy, feelings, money and emotions to our spouse.

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