Broken heart, very familiar in our daily life. I think almost everyone who has experienced the name of love must have been heartbroken. Whether it’s unrequited love, broken love or hurt because of consolation. Break up own love this tragedy must be for people who experience. Equally rich losing our loved ones tips died. We feel sick, sad, pained and crushed because the person who was so close to us, suddenly disappeared, disappeared and no more of us. When we experience a breakup, we feel that we become the most suffering people in the world, even many people who become victims of broken love. Merry break is a natural and sure thing in our life.

We feel sick because of Investment. Why investment? Already rich business . Yes, in relationships, we exchange something for something. During the courtship we give time, energy, feelings, money and emotions to our spouse. They are all expected investments in the future. Wake up with a sense of affection, attention and other things we want can be given to us. And when the relationship ends, we lose the value of our Intestmen . Perhaps many will deny sincere Why give to spouse Sincerely, what’s happening Well, it all happens in our subconscious. Therefore, it usually appears to the brain is, love and love are also not willing to lose and so forth.

Idleness has become a trending language among teenagers today. Can not eat, upset At break up girlfriend, upset. Girlfriend guns sending message reply, worried. Money out, upset Can not do the task, upset. The vocabulary is confused, worried, and hard again with one more trending word. confusion Become one of the last booming words.

The true hoax comes from the feeling of your heart then. It could be that you are not scared right now. But who would have thought, one minute into the future you could be upset no scratch? Because it all depends on feelings and hearts, then it can actually be set. Controlling the liver is not as easy as your palms. Includes tad control. It can be set the way. Can be overcome.

Discard all the things that make you worse

Many things we can make us upset. Wrong spoils the mess of love. If you are upset because of love, for example in breaking up with a girlfriend, in living an affair, then one way to eliminate the maddening is to remove everything about love. For example if you claimed goods from your lover. Like watches, dolls, and so forth.

Then get out of you. It’s up to the things that make you more cured your heart. It would be better to be cleaned first. Later after the feeling of your heart has started to improve, can return the goods back in place. For a while, leave your room empty of the goods. It is getting easier and there is no effect of goods from outside.

Try listening to your favorite music

You’re feeling upset at home Or are you driving in the car? Then try to play music in loud volume. Follow the singing in it. Knock your sense of confusion  there. But do not careless music that you may listen. Wear music that has a loud and happy tone. Which can make you more excited again. That way, the song you are playing can follow the hormones in your body to return happy.

The hormone is called serotonin. It is one of the hormones regulating one’s happiness. If he is in a state of sadness and mood, this hormone will not be able to produce. Reaction, if he is in a happy and happy condition, this hormone can be upset with the swift. Play a fun song, happy, or a song in love. Do not even listen to the song of love, love triangle, song in live married girlfriend. That there is not you get excited, but your sense of upset so be so.