Best hotels in South Goa for spending the weekend

Goa is one of the smallest states in India. But, it has a diverse culture. You have the river Mandovi separating North Goa from South Goa. The divide is a pronounced one. This river divides people not only geographically but also culturally. South Goa is more of the beaches and national parks whereas the northern district of Goa has more temples and churches. Tourists visit both the districts whenever they visit Goa. You find some exquisite South Goa hotels that range from the luxurious 5-star types to the ordinary ones.

Konkani is the most prominent language in Goa. The beauty of this language is that people from the northern districts speak Konkani with a sprinkling of Marathi words whereas their southern counterparts speak Konkani with a Kannada influence. Some of the best places to visit in South Goa are the wonderful beaches like Agonda, Palolem, Cavelossim, Varca, Benaulim, and Majorda among the others. You have the Dudhsagar waterfalls in the southern district of Goa. The Portuguese influence is more in this area with places like Vasco-da-Gama and Colva. The Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary is also one of the most beautiful wildlife sanctuaries in India. The Dabolim Airport in South Goa is at present the only airport in the state. You have many South Goa hotels on the way from Dabolim to Panjim and Madgaon. Let us look at some of them from both the ends of the spectrum.

The Leela Goa:

Belonging to the Leela Group of hotels, this 5-star hotel is one of the most expensive and luxurious of South Goa Hotels. With fares starting from Rs 64,000, you should know what to expect in this 5-star luxurious hotel. Of course, this hotel is out of the reach of the middle class Goan. It will surprise you that a lot of Goans do love to spend their weekend at the Leela Goa. This beachfront hotel is the epitome of luxury as you have every kind of comfort at this place. You get everything at your beck and call in your rooms. There is no need for us to describe the amenities because The Leela Group is renowned for its hospitality. This hotel is one of the best in their chain of hotels all around India.

Radisson Blu Resort – Cavelossim Beach

The Leela Goa might be out of reach for the common Goan citizen. But, the Radisson Blu Resort at Cavelossim Beach definitely is not. With fares starting from around Rs 10000, this hotel has great patronage among tourists as well as local people. They would not mind shelling this amount for a fantastic weekend. The proximity to the beach and the pampering you get at the hotel are some of the strong influencing reasons. This is also a 5-star hotel with facilities comparable to that you get in various hotels around the country. Spending the better part of the evening on this virgin beach is a heavenly experience.

Palm Grove Cottages – Benaulim

Benaulim is another virgin beach in South Goa. This beach receives its share of tourists, especially during the weekends. One of the best places to stay in this area is Palm Grove Cottages. These are individual cottages that provide a rustic feel to the surroundings. The experience is a tremendous one. You can book your rooms in this hotel at fares starting from Rs 4000. This makes it one of the most affordable South Goa hotels to spend the weekend. The best aspect of this hotel is that you get the facilities of a 5-star hotel such as AC, free breakfast, bar, spa, and many more. The surrounding foliage gives it a nice forest-like look thereby taking you that much closer to Nature.

Heritage Village Resort and Spa – Cansaulim

We have seen a couple of 5-star South Goa hotels. These hotels offer some of the most hospitable facilities. There are other 4-star hotels in South Goa such as the Heritage Village Resort and Spa at Arossim Beach, Cansaulim. Arossim Beach is another beautiful beach in the endless array of Goan beaches. This hotel is very near to the beach. You can literally smell the Arabian Sea from your hotel rooms. Relaxing by the poolside is also a great experience. With deals starting from Rs 11000, this hotel is certainly within the reach of the quintessential middle-class Indian. Spending the weekend in this hotel brings you that much closer to Nature as possible.

Devasthali – the Valley of Gods

Located in Hollant Beach, Dabolim, this hotel is the favourite of many visitors who prefer to spend some time in South Goa before moving to the northern part of the state. With the fares starting from as low as Rs 4700, it is one of the best South Goa hotels to spend your weekend. Hollant Beach is a small beach as compared to the ones at either Colva or Calangute. But, it is a beautiful beach in its own right. The biggest attraction of this hotel is that it is near the airport. Therefore, you see many visitors frequenting this hotel.


We have seen five different South Goa hotels with fares ranging from Rs 4000 to more than Rs 60000. Each of these hotels has its charm. They provide you with the best of facilities possible in their individual range.