8 Things to Know Before Vacation to Maldives

The rising popularity of Maldives, makes this country which is located in the southwest of India is include in the list must visit by the tourists when they spend their vacation.

Synonymous with the perfect blue beach and pampering the eyes as far as the view. Maldives is also often consider expensive holidays, because the price is fantastic. However, is that right?

There are some interesting things to explore when you want a vacation to the Maldives. At least by finding out the interesting things, the best time, and the resorts that provide the promo price, it could be a vacation to the Maldives is not as expensive as thought, and not just a dream alone.

Here are eight things that could be consider, and who knows to encourage the desire to Maldives in the list of must visit this year:


1. The best time to vacation

Some travel sites suggest the best time to visit the Maldives in summer, between November and April. At this time, besides illuminated by the sun, the wind that blows is also called make up. The eyes will be spoiled for a view that is surrounded by a blue beach, or a sea of ​​calm mirrors.

2. Airlines

If you get the best time of booking, will get a much more affordable price. Don’t forget to book liveaboard too while you book your airline. You have to count your budget liveaboard maldives, plus your whole budget while you spending you time there.

3. Visa arrival

For Indonesian travelers, the Maldives grants 30-day tourist arrival visas. Thus not bother with the visa arrangements, so that one worry is resolve. Simply have a passport, and can enjoy the beach for a month if you want.

4. Make sure the destination

Maldives is an archipelago country, called there are about 1,190 islands in an independent country in 1965. Among the thousands of islands there are 200 uninhabited islands, and 80 islands are inhabited by resorts for tourists.

One of the islands, there is the Grand Park Kodhipparu Maldives which has just been operating since June 2017. Every year there are new resorts that opened in the Maldives along with the increasing popularity of the country as a tourist destination.

At this resort, there are 120 villas divide into beachside villas, villas near the lagoon, and villas over the sea. Since there are many islands in the Maldives, make sure whether to spend time on the resort island, in Male, or other well-known islands such as Maafushi.

5. Island resorts

Almost every year, there is the opening or inauguration of a new resort island in the Maldives. Again along with its rising popularity as a tourist destination. However, this means profitable for tourists, as they compete to offer a lot of promos and cheaper prices, as well as more attractive offers.

Elaine Heng, Assistant Director of Marcom Park Hotel Group said every island resort in the Maldives has a beachfront blue beaches, lagoons and beautiful views. The difference, Kodhipparu (which also refers to the name of the island in North Male Atoll) is strategic because it is close to the international airport in the Maldivian capital Male.

If usually tourists take a plane from the airport to the destination resort, Kodhipparu reached by speedboat boat within 20 minutes. This means saving time as well as spending. Along with the opening ceremony, the resort is also equip with various services of marine sports activities to provide discount promo up to 50 percent until 31 October for rental villas.

6. Activities undertaken

In addition to spending time enjoying the beach, relaxing, and doing nothing, there are many other activities that could be an alternative. The majority of sea-related activities such as snorkeling, diving, surfing, dolphin attractions, jet skiing, kayaking, wakeboarding and more. Check divebooker.com to find more information.

A number of resorts in Maldives provide these services depending on whether to buy or not.

7. Food hunger booster

In the city center like Male can get a variety of special food and close to the locals. However, if you are on an island resort, the available food depends which is serve by each resort.

Grand Park Kodhipparu Maldives for example, provides three dining places as an option. Not only serving local food or a combination with other food, the place to eat also serves the sea view as its added value. There is also a meal service together candle light dinner if it is a vacation with a partner.

8. Understanding Maldives

Before stepping into this predominantly Muslim country. It’s good to know that there are strict rules for locals. Including bikini rules that can not be on any public beach.

The currency Rufiyaa used, and in some places it could be the US dollar. Residents use Dhivehi language, sometimes there are also those who speak English.