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What You Need to Know About Aging Whiskey

It is whiskey that will only be taking a few days to distill it. It should always take time whenever you will be planning to get that mature golden taste. Drinking whiskey right after it has been distilled will not be able to give you that iconic whiskey taste which made it very popular. It is when whiskey will be aged that there are a lot of things that will be happening to it and that is what we will be talking about in this article.

When it is your whiskey that will be distilled and placed into a barrel for the first time that it will just look like moonshine and not really the scotch or bourbon that you hope to see. It is the whiskey that will look perfectly clear instead of the golden brown that you are used it seeing. It is also this whiskey that will taste like malted barley, the main ingredients of whiskey. But when it will be placed into wooden barrel that things will start t get different and interesting.

When it is aging whiskey is what you will be considering that there are two main factors that can affect it. The first factor is the wooden barrel to where it will be aged and the second factor is the environment it where the barrel is stored. It is tradition in whiskey making to place them in an oak barrel which has been toasted or charred which will create a layer of charcoal that acts as its filter. Anything that you don’t want to drink in a whiskey will be removed due to absorption in the barrels walls. The whiskey in return will also get an additional favor from the wooden barrel. There are a variety of different flavors that you will get when this infusion is done and they would be lactones for a buttery flavor, lignin, and vanillin for vanilla-like taste, tannins or “wood spice” which makes the whisky dry.

It is a new barrel that one should use whenever they will be aging bourbon. And when the bourbon soaked barrels are done that they will go to the scotch whisky distillers. It is the remaining flavors that the scotch whisky will get as they will stay longer in the barrels. After this process that there will be a new chemical component and that is phenol which gives whiskey that distinctive smoky flavor.

The environment it where the whiskey is stored also plays an important role in its taste. It is important for bourbon to be placed in a dry environment as it helps in faster evaporation and concentration. When it is scotch whiskeys that you will be aging that they are placed in a more humid area.

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